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Latest Hotmail Avril 2012's critical vulnerability

Written By Yassin ABOUKIR on 17 April 2012 | 19:47

We haven’t reported a whole lot about Hotmail over the years, probably because since Gmail took over – Hotmail has mostly taken a backseat.

The latest news is there has been a nasty bug in Hotmail for a while that has been actively exploited allowing the attacker to change the victim's password.

All we we'll need is to install Tamper Data which is a Firefox Extension which gives you the power to view, record and even modify outgoing HTTP requests.


N.B : Hotmail has found temporarily solution, so you'll get this error " Un problème temporaire avec ce service s'est produit. Réessayez. Si ce message continue de s'afficher, réessayez plus tard."

N.B : we will not take responsibility for misuse or misinterpretation of information provided on our site. Advice, statements, comments or opinions should not necessarily be relied upon.
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